Friday, February 20, 2009

aku diTAG

hoho. ini first time kene tag from lee. here it goes. haha

Do you think you're hot?

haha. ntah ?!

Upload you favourite picture of you

What do you like about that picture ?
It symbolises death and companionship. lol. haha

When was the last time you ate pizza?
2 weeks ago before going back to saser

The last song you listened to?
angel-leona lewis

What are you doing now besides this?
seeing the sun

What name would you prefer besides yours?
MASSIDIQ. omegans, u noe wut i mean. hehe\

People to tag:
5.Apek/ sesape yg bkk blog ni

Who is number 1?
the best of best friend

Number 3 is having a relationship with?
haha. byk sgt. 54 all of them

Say something about number 5?
ske amek makanan dgn laju tanpa memikirkan hak org laen

How about number 4?
bdak jpa-3 yg kawat slalu semngt pakai but

Who is number 2?
ex classmate and bff

haha. thats all. tq

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