Sunday, February 11, 2018

Results Day


Today is finally the day (18th May 2017). For 5 years I've been waiting for this so called "umum-depan-tangga results day". The answer to all the sleepless nights I've been having since long case (since I dont think I did very well in that). And again, for 5 years I've seen countless seniors celebrating their joy after passing the Final Med exam and have their results announced in front of everyone at the 'majestic' stairs in RCSI building.

As always, RCSI will email/call you in the morning if you did not pass. They usually gave out the bad news from 8 a.m - 10 a.m. . Its a stressful morning I'd tell ya. Staring at the phone screen hoping that you wouldn't get any calls or email saying that you did not make it. But then, at approx 10.30 am, I got an email. Was too scared to open it so I asked Malik (housemate) to open it and read it up for me. As soon as he was done with it, I became speechless. Small drops of tears seems to made its way.

Alhamdulillah. I made it through med school. Now, its time to make way to the RCSI building where they will tell us our results and grade. Together with Zaki and Acap, we took the bus and was anxiously discussing on how our results would be. 

Upon reaching the RCSI building, it was swarming with fellow final med students and their family. The lecturers and tutors were there as well. And then it started, the exam coordinator started calling our student numbers according to the class/grade that we got. Again, Alhamdulillah for the grade that I've earned. I've always wanted to get an honours for my medical degree and Alhamdulillah Allah has granted my du'a. After all of it was over, its time for celebration. 

Here are a few pictures that I managed to capture on the day. 

With fellow batchmates
Our beloved tutor, Sue Faye
Head of Surgery, Prof Hill
Albasiri, Acap, Me, Tim kt blkg, Adilah & Zaki

Next post -> Graduation. Looking forward to it.

Monday, April 14, 2014


     Salam. I guess its been a while since I wrote my last post. Been busy lately with lots of stuff. And lots of academic things to catch up with. Anyway, tup tap tup tap, I'm almost at the end of my 2nd year of being a medical student. How time flies. Like seriously, i feel as if it was yesterday was the day I took my SPM result.

    While the final exams are just around the corner, I feel that blogging is one way I can de-stress myself. Its true what people say. That medic is a tough course. It really is. Too many things to digest, memorise and at the same time, applying all those concept and fit it into a clinical scenario/case. I guess this is what doctors do. Trying to solve a puzzle. A very hard puzzle. But hey, 2 years of studying medicine, I find it to be a challenging yet rewarding course. Studying pathology, microbiology (the hardest so far), physiology and anatomy kinda makes me appreciate the existence of human. I get to understand myself better and maybe, just maybe, diagnose myself. Haha. Anyway, I have no guilt in choosing medicine as my future career. I really do like the science behind each and everything that happen in our complex body.

     Since life has its ups and downs, I have to admit, there are certain times when i feel that medicine is just too much. eg: studying ECG for hours and still cant get the concept behind it. haha. but nvm, i have friends that can help me. insyaallah. a word of advice from the people i love, 'never give up and keep moving forward'. i guess this is what keeps me strong.

     Ow yeah, and studying abroad. Most people think that studying abroad is the best thing that could happen in their life. I said it again, everything has it pros and cons. I find studying abroad as a mixture of fun and depressing. Its fun because you get to know people from different culture and background, and travel to other countries during semester break but its depressing when you start to think of home. And in this case, i'm referring to homesick. Homesick is a major chronic disease. You'll start to imagine foods back home, the wamrth of Malaysia's temperature, the balanced time between day and night and most importantly, the presence of your family especially your parents. But nevertherless, you'll pretty much enjoy staying abroad if you know how to manage yourself. Hahaha.

     Okay, I guess thats all I wanna say in this post given that its been almost 2 years since I've been in deep silence. Cant wait for summer. Going back to home sweet home, Malaysia. 

ps. Goodluck everyone who's going to have their exams this month and in the coming month. May Allah grant us ease in answering the questions. Insyallah. 

- Afar

Jakun first time skii

I used to dream of having this kind of shot

My circle of friends

Saturday, March 9, 2013

2012 : Part 1

Part 1
Some people say that everything has got its place in time. Yup, that's definitely true. For me, 2012 has definitely been one of the best year ever. From January till December. Full of sweet memories, though there might be some bitter moments but still, it is a year that i'll definitely cherish and remember throughout my life. First and foremost, since I've officially become a medical student, I do have to admit that time is definitely one of the most important stuff to consider. too many things to memorize and too many mechanism to be filled in this small little tiny brain, but again, Alhamdulillah, cause I've been given the chance to pursue myself in this so-called tense course. anyway, back to the main story. why is 2012 so memorable ? well, basically, banyak je benda yang berlaku (oops ! kenapa tetiba dh x speaking ni ?) sepanjang 2012 but here are just some of the important stuff that makes me feel semangat to write this blog.
*i'm gonna use a mix of english and malay in this post since guna bhsa ibunda makes me feel more comfortable and more expressive :p*

1. Kolej Mara Banting and IB
Pintu masuk
KMB in short is a place where i've learnt a lot of new stuff. and at the same time, being given the chance to meet some pretty awesome-cool-sempoi people. truthfully, I hated IB (International Baccalaureate). but the environment in KMB somehow membuatkan aku immune to IB. The teachers are superb. The students were tip top and friendly habis. Though the days were filled with workloads, assignments, EE, ToK, internal assessment, aku yakin je skrg confem semua tgh ckp kt diri masing2 nk kembali ke KMB. not in the sense of nk buat IB lg skali but for the sake of having friends around us. to be honest, aku rindu nk bangun pagi2, then berebut2 tandas *especially part nk cop tandas dgn meletakkan baldi dpn bilik shower. haha*. rindu nk pergi beli breakfast kt koop and kiosk especially keropok lekor and wedges (nisa slalu beli byk2 smpai stok habis), rindu nk makan nasi lemak kantin yg tiap2 tahu naik harga, roti gardenia and roti sosej kt koop, rindu makan ikan keli DS, rindu nk makan kt KFC lpas kelas ptg2 ngn classmate, rindu NAK MAIN VOLLEYBALL waktu riadah, rindu ceramah tiap2 malam Jumaat, and mcm2 lagi la kalau nk diikutkan. Anyway, apakan daya, masa berlalu dengan pantas and sedar x sedar, dh nk hampir setahun dh tinggalkan KMB. so, i just hope that those memories will forever remain dlm kepala ni and hopefully nnt kalau ade reunion batch, dpt la jumpa batch2mate walaupun ramai je ada yg kt Ireland ni.haha. and for that, this is what makes 2012 one of the most memorable year ever.
Group Orientation. First week di KMB. Jun 2010
Bilik KMB masa awal2 masuk
With dearest roomate. Zaid Nasir. haha

Part 2 akan menyusul kemudian.....
Sekian assalamualaikum

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Naik Turun

Salam. rasenya lama dah x update blog ni. dengan harapan nk menceritakan pengalaman berada di Ireland hampir 2 bulan, tapi sampai skrg masih xde mood nak bercerita ? kenapa ? sebab masih mencari2 lagi mood utk menulis. masih lagi dlm mood untuk meng-adaptkan diri dgn keadaan di sini. Maklumla, waktu winter, malam lama, siang skjp je. pukul 5 ptg pun dh mcm pukul 11 dh kat Malaysia. sumpah stress. nak cari org macam fasu naem azrin hafeez, still x jumpe lg. nak gelak ketawa gila2 mcm kt kmb dulu malam2 lpas kol 9 pun xdpt nak buat dah. alasan ? sebab semua geng2 dh berada jauh serata dunia. newcastle la, new south wales la, rep. czech la, toronto la. owh how i miss kmb soooo much.

mungkin benar la apa yg member aku penah cakap dulu. ANAS omega from saser. katanya bila kita tgh berada or alami sesuatu keadaan tu, kita mungkin membenci perkara tu, tp once kita dh meninggalkan perkara or tmpt tuh, kita akan rindu kt tmpt tu. and i'm serious here. seperti thun 2010 dulu2, masa kt kmb, slalu je rindu suasana kt SASER. then bila 2012, bila dh kt RCSI ni, rase rindu plak kt KMB. well thats life :(  . maklumla, aku ni jenis yang nostalgia sikit suka teringt kt memori lama2.

actually, semua di atas ni xde kene mengene pun dengan tajuk ni.haha. saje je tulis naik turun for no specific reason. cuma nak ckp, x semua benda yg kita inginkan di dunia ni kita akan dpt. sesungguhnya Allah yang menentukan segalanya. semenjak duduk jauh from Malaysia ni, hari2 aku asyik bermonolog dalaman. terlalu byk benda yg difikirkan. kadang2 kita rasa happy sgt2 and rase mcm on top of the world, and kadang2 rasa down sgt2 seolah2 mcm kt basement bgnan 270 tingkat.huhu. tp pasti setiap perkara yang berlaku tu ade lah hikmahnya insyAllah.

ok la. rasenya itu saja utk entry kali ni. just a random entry written on a Friday night. Salam.

p.s Aku sgt rindukan SASER,KMB, M10C and most of all, keluarga nun jauh di Malaysia :'(

2008- SASER

2011- KMB

2012- Ireland (RCSI)

Friday, October 19, 2012

That Dream

Assalamualaikum. First and foremost, sorry for not updating this blog for such a long time. Nak kata busy, x jugak sbab cuti after IB duduk rumah je. Hehe. Anyway, Alhamdulillah. Syukur kepada Allah kerana akhirnya, berjaya jugak melanjutkan pelajaran in tertiary level degree. Specifically in Medicine. yup, medicine folks. not an easy task i would say. but hey, cabaran tu tetap cabaran. aslkan niat and minat tu ade and betul, insyaallah everything will go according to plan.

Alhamdulillah and syukur sgt2 lg skali kerana berjaya juga menjejakkan kaki di bumi Ireland ni setelah bertahun2 asyik terbayang nk study oversea. anyways, i will soon post a new entry regarding my 3 weeks living here in Dublin. terlalu byk utk diceritakan. but now, busy with card signing which is due next week and mid sem exam which a week after that. so maybe next month la update lg. hehe. anyways, here are some pics which i managed to snap here in Dublin. Enjoy !
Cinderella at St Stephen street

Cinderella's Horse

At St. Stephens Park. Exactly in front of RCSI

RCSI main entrance

RCSI front building. Xleh masuk, tp boleh kluar. Pelik2

St. Stephens Park (mid section)

Monday, July 16, 2012


For the past few months slalu je dgr org merungut and merungut and still merungut pasal ktm Komuter yang dikatakan slow and kurang selesa. I have to admit, even aku sendiri pun pernah jugak rasa x puas hati dengan servis komuter ni. Kadang2 delay and kadang2 penuh satu train bila semua masuk jadi mcm tin sardin yang sardinnya diganti dengan spesis bernama manusia.

But, all this negative perception changes bila aku start menggunakan servis komuter sabtu lalu bila nak pergi program JOM!. at first, bila train sampai agak terkejut ah jugak. betul ke aku naik komuter ni ? betul ke aku kt landasan yg nk gi ke Klang ? betul ke ni tren komuter ? surprisingly, it is.Yes, ktm komuter dh ade facelift baru. Tren yang baru. Canggih la jugak. and comfortable. and most importantly, tepati masa (maybe there will be about one or two minutes of delay, tp kejap je) seriously. and the atmosphere inside the coach were totally different from the previous ones.

Actually, tujuan asal tulis post saja2 je nk menceritakan kejakunan diri ini pabila menaiki komuter yang berwajah baru. hehe. ok tu je. selamat menyambut Ramadhan everyone :) and have fun :)

So here are some pics of the new komuter (interior only). xsempt tngkap exterior takut2 terlepas plak tren. hehe

thats all. thank you for reading. haha

Monday, July 9, 2012


     Assalamualaikum. Penantian itu satu penyeksaan. Rupa-rupanya betul la ape yang cuba diperkatakan oleh manusia. Mungkin kalimah ini slalu je kita dengar tp x pnah merasainya smpai la satu masa bila kita betul2 merasainya. Ok. Sebenarnya, nk crite pasal result IB exam je. Memang penantian result IB itu merupakan satu penyeksaan. Mengharungi hari demi hari dengan asyik fikir pasal result. Mcm2 persoalan bermain di fikiran. "Betul ke apa aku buat harituh ?", "Kalau x lepas nk buat ape eh ?", "Ish, dh bper markah hilang salah buat soalan nombor 7 paper 1 math", "placebo ? ape ni. x paham la data response ni." and mcm2 lg la. But in the end, smpai jugak masa tarikh yang dinantikan bukan oleh aku shj tp semua student IB around the world.

       6 Julai 2012, 8.00 p.m. . Tarikh keramat. Pada waktu tuh, rasa nk check result berkobar-kobar dalam hati, tp apakan daya. disebabkan jalan raya di Malaysia ni lebih2 lg kt KL sgt 'efficient' dan 'mantap', maka aku pun tersekat dlm traffic jam yang maha lama. tersekat kt MRR2 lebih kurang sejam and jalan tun razak selama 45 minit membuatkan aku terpaksa membatalkan niat buat sementara waktu utk check result. at the same time, sempat la jugak usha twitter and facebook gune fon. terkejut beruk tgk status update rakan2 kmb and tweet2 mereka. hampir kesemuanya melafazkan kalimah Alhamdulillah dan syukur. wahhhh. hebat rakan2ku ini. Alhamdulillah dan syukur mereka semua berjaya melepasi requirement point. sementara meraikan kejayaan rakan2, aku sndiri pun naik cuak. jadi takut. takut2 x lepas point yg diingini. apepun, redha dan tawakkal la mrupakan jalan terbaik skrg. at the same time, dh x sabar2 nk tahu result ni. so, last2 call umah suruh kakak aku tolong checkkan. masa tu pukul 10.30. so bila dh check result tuh, jd speechless. tak tahu nk ckp ape. all i can say is Alhamdulillah and syukur :) 

      Alhamdulillah, stlah 2 tahun berperang dengan makhluk bernama International Baccalaureate, akhirnya berjaya jugak menewaskannya. Penat lelah pagi petang siang malam berperang akhirnya ia berjaya ditewaskan. Beribu-ribu pokok ditebang semata-mata untuk buat first second and final draft ee, tok, IA, world lit, and lab report. Alhamdulillah. Insyaallah, dengan keputusan ini, aku berharap aku mampu memikul tanggungjawab yang diberikan kpd aku. and guess what, this is just the beginning of becoming a doctor. banyak lagi bende nk kene buat. so, brace urself Afar. 

      Also, a friendly reminder to myself and others, JANGANLAH sesekali kufur dengan nikmat yang diberikan. Mungkin ini nikmat dan mungkin juga ujian. jadi, pandai2lah jaga diri anda and sentiasa la mendekatkan diri dengan Allah. Insyaallah, dengan mengingatiNya, kita pun jadi tenang. and remember, for everything that happens, pasti ada hikmahnya. ingt, x semua yg kita fikir baik untuk kita adalah baik and x semua bende yang buruk itu buruk untuk kita. harap2 dengan nikmat yang diberi ni, aku akan lebih mendekatkan lagi diri dengan Allah. and thank you everyone :) teachers, family, friends for unlimited support. 

with that, thank you and assalamualaikum . sekian

Sape2 yg x tahu, inilah rupanya bentuk result IB. Gred subjek dirahsiakan bagi menjaga kemaslahatan manusia sejagat.