Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Yes. Today I've finally realise something. That life is bitter. But, to taste sweetness we first have to taste bitterness first. Am i right ? Well, right now, i'm really hoping for sweetness to come. Move faster sweetness. I'm waiting..............

Juz a boring stupid post which i called expression

Monday, November 24, 2008

4 Omega 2008 !

Yes. School term for the year 2008 had finally ended
And of coz, I'm free (1 bulan setengah je)
There is something
Something that I will miss
An event of the year
A place where I sat for almost 10 months
Homosapiens which I live with for almost 10 months
4 Omega
Where many moments will be cherish for the coming years
Some events/moments :

1) The orientation day where all us were anonymous to each other
2) The first day entering the class where we met the famous 'Dafi'
3) The first day of exam when all of us were curious towards each other's cleverness
4) The day the ranking came out and all the class stood still seeing Omega as the first class :) (ujian bulan 1 yer, laen zeta conquer)
5) The day where HEM announce that there were going to be an overnight
6) The day we receive our new headmaster. errrrr
7) The day where we have to endure our day at class during Ramadhan
8) The day where we had our Perkhemahan Perdana and seeing each other crying ???? haha
9) The day we promise to ourselve to stay unite ???
10) The day where we backup our classmate
11) The time where prep was such an important time to finish report
12) The time where it is almost 2 o'clock and everybody was focusing on the 'delicious' DM food
13) The time where the whole class slept during Sivik time
14) The day we had our Durian Festival
15) The day we had our rugby interclass
16) The time in the bilik kuliah. haha. u guys noe wut i mean
17) The day we had our Majlis Rantaian Kasih
18) The time where we copy each others homework after a long holiday
19) The time when sumbody brings food, a batallion of Omegans will rush towards it
20) And most of all, the time when we all talk to each other.huhu. i hope it returns

1) Dafi- I miss the time when we all called him ke****it
2) Hamzah- I miss the time when he sat alone and write his diary
3) Anaz- I miss the way how he would try to recover a person emotional expression
4) Elias- I miss his blurry face and ways
5) Assidiq- I do admit I was attracted to his 'awesome' key
6) Nu'man- I hate the way how he plays football. The solo thing
7) Adzim- I like the way how he played the 'alat kesenian' stuff during school's events
8) Fish- I really miss this guy way of trying to make me feel better and happy
9) Apek- I miss the way how he argued with Ckgu Mozaidi towards his Physic theory
10) Haziq- I pity him for having that disease
11) Faqeh- I hate the way how he 'borrowed' peoples stuff without the owners knowledge
12) Max- I like the F1 car
13) Adl- I miss the moment seeing him salivating
14) Hussin- I miss the time seeing him being mad
15) Mirza- I like to see him eating ice-cream from the koperasi
16) Amril- I miss the moment when he was trying to fight for the right
17) Nabil- I miss the way how he would try his best trying to solve a hard addmath question
18) Shah- I miss the way how he would try his best to try others food :)
19) Musz- I like the way how he would console people
20) Muhammad- I like to see him being in a bad mood
21) Syed- I miss the time when he says 'p@ntat ah ko' when i tried to wake him up for subuh
22) Arie- I miss calling him GIRL
23) Me ???haha

Well, dats all i have to say. Hope u guys enjoy

ps: names are arrange according to seats in the class

Believe it

School has ended. It's almost the end of the year. Just a month away before senior year. haha. cant believe it. SPM. Nooooooo. hahahha.

Juz a reminder.

Thanks for da Hols :-)

Hey guys. It's me again. hahaha. back posting some blogs. Well, firstly, it's still not too late for me to say Happy Hols since it has only been a week or two. haha. Thank you god for givin us such a great time to 'RELAX'. Relax ? Do we relax during the hols ? well, hopefully yes, but, as we all know, there's like a million homework waiting to completed during the skool hols. So ? What is the main reason holidays are held ? hahaha. in my opinion, i think the government should banned skools from giving homework during the end-year hols. agree ? hahaha. well, actually, i really had a fun time for the past two weeks of holiday. i can sleep whenever i want. i can surf the net anytime. i can eat anything that i desire. haha. and most of all, i get to see my old friends especially those who I really miss when i was at 'hell'. hahahaha. nice seeing you again lee,sha,mi,hana, and others(too many to list)

criusly, i've no idea what to write. hahaha. dats all i guess


Yes. I've deleted my myspace and I'm happy with my decision.