Friday, February 1, 2008

3 Putra 1 2007 !

Hi again,
Firstly i would like to say that this blog ss going to be about my class
Soooo, anyone outhere who doesn't want to read dis just click back aite, coz its all going to be about US.
Aite, got that clear, now, the story is about the memories of me missing somewhat memory in this class which is :-

The Things That I Will Miss About This Class !
1. I miss the tame face that Firyal always made
2. I miss the way Aimi Fatanah laugh when i say "mi,ko saket perot lg ke ?"
3. I miss the way when Natasa said " Far, jom gi fotostat"
4. I miss the way Amir hits his other members butt
5. I miss the way when Hazim ask me question during the first exam
6. I miss the way Yus and I argued about Math questions
7. I miss the time when Ali asked me about computer games
8. I miss the way Aimi Hanisah smile when i called her "HASNAH"
9. I miss the way Raja taught us about digestion
10. I miss the time when Azim Ahmad made his face
11. I miss the time when Hafiz was snuggling under Zul's armpit
12. I miss the time seeing Zul every morning at class with his big gloomy eyes
13. I miss the time when i called Shaznie "Jerry". She was very pissed off though
14. I miss the time when Athirah bring some sandwich for me and Shahir
15. I miss the way Shahir bege me when i said sumthing that wasnt meant to be said
16. I miss Khaleda powerful knowledge towards the Sejarah subject
17. I miss Hannah's word when she said "Azfar. tolonglah,pleaseeee !"
18. I miss Liyana Husain smile and laughter when i talk sumthing funny with her
19. I miss the way Aisha punch me at my 'bahu'. hehehe
20. I miss Farah's face when she merajuk
21. I miss the way Sakinah try to 'pujuk' Farah
22. I miss the way when Hana scold Zarul when he ask for answers
23. I miss the way Diyana laugh. (the gelak kuda thing)
24. I miss the way Amal said 'BOB' towards Hazim
25. I miss the time when i notice that Azril's bag was as same as me and so was his handphone. hehehe
26. I miss the time when me and Zahrul always argued.
27. I miss the way Liyana Zainudin talked about "Hamid"
28. I miss the time when Aimi Aqilah smiled at me during the last day of PMR. (she was sitting next to me)
29. I miss Piah. She's my everything. LOL.
30. I miss Liyana K words when she said 'weyh, jgn tiru ah, pekse la'
31. I miss the time when Shaf goes mad when sumone hurts her feelings
32. I miss Hushan's clumsiness and how she managed to make friends with the class and only when PMR is just around the corner and the way she said 'B@B! ah". hahahaha
welll, now u noe. hahahaha. thats all . bye ! hahahaha

Those 2007 Memories !

Hey there !
Firstly, thx 4 viewing this blog. Haha.
K, firstly, i would like to giv ya guys a fresh impression on how this blog gonna be. Its about US. As for me, US refers to 3 Putra 1 of 2007. Well as sum of u might noe, US is accompanied by 12 guys and 21 girls. heheh.This blog is actually about my experience with US.


I'll start of with January !
January was a fine month. First day of skool, i didn't quite noe well sum of US. As days and week past by, i began to noe them. Sum of US that i started to become 'rapat' Lee, Sha, Shahir, Yus, Aimi Hanisah, Sakinah, Shaf and others. As the last week of January past, we were tested on our academic with the first exam. It was quite easy though but i still get number 33 in class. Sob sob. As that day, i started telliing myself to work hard.
February !

As January leaves us, February came in. February was a super month. This month, I started to hang out with US. And to my knowledge, they were very kind and nice. Especially Lee and Sha ! hahaha . We became best friends. And in the middle of Feb, we change our coordinate in class and luckily i sat next to Shahir. Most interesting friend that i ever had. he was an understanding friend. hehehe. Again, there was this exam again and to my shock, i improved. hehehe

Mac !
Just 7 month from PMR. The fire started burning in this month. Almost everybody had started to study. Remember, our aim was to make everybody achieve excellence in PMR. hehe.I think this month was the Malam Tautan Kasih i guess. Not really sure. However, that Malam had leave me with sum memorable memories such as WINNING THE LUCKY DRAW.hehe. Then the day after Malam, we had our first Programme to achieve excellence result. It was the A Star Programme. This programme had taught us alot about the techniques in PMR. Thx Pn Suriani for this programme. It really meant alot for us

April !
This month was kinda fun. Bcoz, there were many activities. hahaha. I was selected to enter the Amali Sains contest. There were me,lee,raja and khaleda. Winning wasn't an option to us. However, we learnt alot and to our shock, sum of the experiments we had done came out in PMR. how lucky. hehehe

May !
Woah. This month was the hardest month among US. It was the Mid-year Exam.Many had struggled to achieve excellence marks in this exam. Huhu. US started to feel the fire burning. and in this month also, there was the Hari Bertemu Pelanggan. hahaha. Pn Mahnun was a supporting teacher. She didn't tell US parents about our bad side. hehe.

June !
Nothing much. Just exams and exams and exams. Although there was many exams, we can still enjoy our life sumtime. hahaha. me and some of US went to karaoke and bowling. hahaha. I can still hear the voice of Lee when she sang Persis Mutiara without the music. hahahaha. Enjoyable moment though.

July !
Most waited month. It my birthday ! And don't get shock when i say that there were 4 of US celebrate their bday on this month. Starting with Zahrul (16), me (24), Aimi F (25) and Sha (26). hehehe. thx to those who sends US wishes.

August !
Merdeka ! Merdeka for Malaysia ! It was the 50th independence day. hahaha. walaupun Malaysia, US masih lom merdeka. hahahaha. At this month, nothing much happen.

September !
Just a month away from PMR. huhu. US struggle very much. Many had take the oppurtunity to ask the teachers what they dont understand especially Science and Sejarah subject. At the end of this month, we had our Majlis Restu. A very sad event where many of US and US teachers cried. In this event, US had a chance to say sorry to all teachers. A very sad day for me. T.T.

First day of Oct (1) Monday, PMR began. Bm was the first subject. huhu. After a week of Oct, we finally MERDEKA ! after the geo paper finish, US went outside the dewan with a smile which was as wide as an ocean. hehehe. we were verry happy back then !hehehe

November !
Cant write much bcoz it hasn't ended yet. But i wanna say that, US miss you lee.hehehe. not me, but US. get the point aite.

December !
Hopefully all of US get Straight A's in PMR.

This are several things that i cant forget about US
1. The joy of our class when theres no teacher enter the class
2. The pergaduhan antara H****N and US. We're friends now aite.
3. The last day of PMR
4. The way the teachers taught us
5. The time when I fought with Yus. (words only)
6. The day when we broke almost a dozen of apparatus at lab
7. The journey of US going to Ipoh in the bus where there were smoke and tyre were punctured and we were stucked on the highway and the BR at Tapah and the long journey of 5 hours
8. And lastly, the smile of US when we all get straight A's. hehe. AMin~

As conclusion, all i wanna say is IT WAS A BLAST HAVING A YEAR WITH US. May all of us will not lost contact. And to all of US, I'm gonna miss ya guys nnt. huhu. TQ.Just For Information, US stands for
1. Nur Firyal
2. Aimi Fatanah
3. Nor Natasa
4. Amir Rashidin
5. Hazim Ismail
6.Yusizwan Maslin
7. Ali Bashir
8. Aimi Hanisah
9. Raja Nurul Nadia
10. Azim Ahmad
11. Hafiz Afandi
12. Zulfadli Samsudin
13. Shaznie Hasran
14. Athirah Farhana
15. Mohd Azfar
16. Mohd Shahir
17. Khaleda Khadir
18. Hannah Shobana
19. Nurliyana Husain
20. Aishah Sofia
21. Farah Iryani
22. Nurul Sakinah
23. Hana Nastasha
24. Asmadiyana Mohd
25. Mohd Azril
26. Amaluddin Yusoff
27. Mohd Zahrul
28. Aimi Aqilah
29. Nur Liyana Zainudin
30. Shufiah Zin
30. Shafiqa Fitri
31. Nurliyana Khirudin
33. Hushantani Amarendran

US Teachers
1. Pn Mahnun Musa (Mother,class teacher and BI teacher)
2. Pn Noraini Yusoff (BM teacher)
3. Pn Khairul Bariyah Talib (Math teacher)
4. Pn Evelyn Branda ( cience teacher)
5. Pn Eshah Said (Sejarah teacher)
6. Pn Zanariah (An influenced Geo teacher)
7. Pn Halina Salleh (PK KH teacher)
8. Pn Norazzima (KT KH teacher)
9. Pn Norizan (Agama teacher)
10. Pn Zahrah Baharan (Seni teacher)
11. Pn Maizatul Arzia (Sivik teacher)

The Dinding Guy

Aite, here I am today writing my 3rd blog.haha. The reason I write this blog was to give u guys a lesson and also a story of a shameless man who Hafiz and I called 'dinding guy'.
As for me and hafiz, we decided to call dis guy as 'dinding guy' because of his foolish act on the day we received our sijil and money from the Tengku. I'll start the story here aite. Once a pon a time in Putrajaya where everybody live harmonically(harmony la sgt), there was an event to celebrate the people who have passed their examination with flying colours. It was on the 1st of January 2008. As the ceremony ended, we were delighted with some foods which were delicately delicious.haha. there were no place for me and hafiz to sit, soo, we decided to eat in the hall. Haha. When we finished eating, we decided to go to the washroom to wash our hands since we ate using our hand. In our journey towards the washroom, I realize that there was a guy which (not to be rude) seems tergesa2 going to the toilet and keep touching his c**k. Me and hafiz were like weird. Then he run and passed us and quickly pushed the toilet's door. Me and hafiz went after him. In the toilet, all the doors were closed and the guy had no chanced in going in. Meanwhile, we were washing our hands. Haha. Then suddenly, THE GUY, opens up his zip and started to pee at the dinding next to the sink. The urine was fast and many. Its like a water jet coming out from a human body. It was 4 mins until he finish peeing at the wall. Me and hafiz quickly rush outside coz we didn't stand the smell and the guys face. It was really JIJIK. We waited outside to see him, however, he passed us with a BABI type of face. Bengang aku. Hahaha. I think he didn't wash his hands kowt coz it seems basah sket with kuning2nye air. Eeeeeeeeeeee. Then he went into the hall and marah2 his kids. Inside my head, I referred this guy as a mental problem guy.hahaha. END~
ps-the guy is a DEWASA. not a kid. age 30-40 sumthing.
Sooo, for you guys outhere, kalu rasa nk kencing sgt, tahan je la aite, jgn kencing dkat dinding tepi sink dpan org ramai mcm laki tuh, memalukan bangsa sahaja.

TQ !