Sunday, April 22, 2012

Food, Emotion, Love, Hope and everything else

Assalamualaikum. The title says it all. Yes, last week was one hell of a week. A week full of FOODS, EMOTIONS running up and down, LOVE in which can be interpreted in sooo many different ways and everything else which includes goodbyes and academic matter. In conjunction with the upcoming IB exam in May 2012, I would like to write this post fully in english to prepare myself for English B Paper 2. So, do mind that this is a learning process and please dont mock nor criticize my writing. I am still learning.

So here it goes. The first one is FOOD. Last week was probably the last session of IRP for HL subjects and since its the last, its quite emotional. But again, the good part is that we received foods from the teachers from each subjects department. And again, I would like to thank all the teachers for those wonderful, cute and scrumptious foods. Every food is unique in their own way and I do admit, foods that were given by the teachers with a sprinkle of blessing really do taste nice. And even the IRP committee and Koop gave us foods that really challenge my tastebud. English unit gave us cupcakes with our name written on it, Math department gave us little polka dots muffin, Economics unit gave cupcakes with fillings, Biology gave us Nasi Lemak and Chemistry unit gave blueberry cheese tart which were super-duper creamy and nice. Koop gave us Sate and IRP committee gave us Wall’s Cornetto. So there you have it, a list of foods that the year 2 student received for this week. I’m pretty sure most of us gain weight this week. And Malay unit is going give theirs on this upcoming Monday. And not to forget my mentor, Pn Asima, treat us with chicken chop for our last meeting. It was a sad moment actually and I’m truly grateful for having such an awesome mentor. Alhamdulillah for everything. Hope with the blessings, we can do well in our exams. Ameen. So that concludes the FOOD part.

Moving on, next is emotion. Yes, like what we learnt in ToK classes, emotion is one of the ways of knowing. But knowing what ? Well in this case, I would rather say that emotion is a way for you to know yourself better and others. Why am I saying this ? Particularly, since this week was sort of like the last week being in the LT and having IRP sessions with the teachers, I kinda feel sad and nostalgic. Especially when the time for each session ends and the teachers goes in front to give a word or two. It was truly a sad moment for me. Hearing all those advices and their hopes to see all of us finish IB with flying colours really makes me ponder. And apart from that, due to the aftermath of these sad and nostalgic feelings, my emotions suddenly fluctuates. There were times when I feel super duper happy and there were time when I feel super duper down. But most of the time, I feel very frustrated. Why ? Because things were changing really QUICKLY. People change. Even the one closest to you change dramatically and the saddest part is that when you feel that you are left out in a situation. Again, I feel frustrated. In other words, ‘sakit hati’. But thats all I can. I cant say too much.

LOVE. What does love means to you ? For me, love can be defined as a set feelings that you have when you care towards a person. It doesn’t mean that when you love someone, you have to marry them. Again, when I said I love someone, it means I care for them. So basically, I love all of my friends. So what does love have to do with this week ? Actually, I just wanted to say that as IB is coming to an end, that love feeling towards your teachers and friends really had impacted my life. As the end is nearer, I hope that everyone stays the same.

Hopes. Everyone has their hopes and dreams. During the last mentor-mentee session, Mdm Asima did mention her hopes and expectations towards us. She said that “No matter where you are or what you’re results are, just remember that I am always proud of you guys. Make full use of the knowledge and do well in your exam. I really do want to see all of you going up the stage and achieve the high achievers award during graduation day soon. I really do”. Wow. Those are really high hopes. But dont worry teacher, I’ll try my best to achieve it. The same goes to other members of the mentor-mentee. Hafeez,Fasu,Keon,Kirin,Juju,Ram,Ros,Zul. Hope all of us get to be on the stage and make our family and teachers proud. Hopefully. I know we can do it. Insyaallah. Remember, everything is possible when you believe.

Everything else. Nothing. Just busy with revising the subjects and at the same time busy preparing stuffs for my sis wedding. Hopefully everything goes well and smoothly according to plan. I guess that is all for now. Happy reading and enjoy your day.

            Here are some of the pictures of foods that I received which I managed to snap before ravishing them. Haha. Assalamualaikum.

English Department Cupcakes with our name written on it
Math Department cute little polka dots muffins
Koop's Sate
Chem Unit super duper creamy cheese tart
Wishes from Chem teachers
Cheese tart by IRP Committee
Chicken Chop. Treated by our beloved mentor, Mdm Asima
Final message to you, Mentor
Probably the last picture of English IRP Session

 p/s : Just a friendly notice. To the particular person/s, i just wanted to say that I am not mad at you. The reason I was being so untalkative to you was because I wanted to protect myself. Protect myself from feeling things that I shoudnt feel. And for that, I am distancing myself from you and you and you and the list goes on. But i guess you know who you are. I just wanted to say that no matter what, we'll still be friends. But its not the same as it used to be. I'm trying my best to be the 'old' me but this feeling keeps pushing me to become a whole different person when I encounter you and you. So please, dont feel sad or disheartened by my actions. Just focus on ur study and please forget me. There's a reason behind all of these and when the time comes, I tell you and you the whole story. But for the time being, I'm distancing myself so that I can gain inner peace. Remember, things will always be the same, except without me around. Sorry for the inconvenience cause and hope everyone is in the state of happiness. Now you're just somebody that I used to know. I just wish ................

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pengakhiran Sebuah Bab

Assalamualaikum/Selamat pagi/Selamat petang semua.

        Okay,let me start off by saying Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah syukur kepada Allah kerana ujian dan nikmat yang diberikan. Humans are not perfect. Everyone has their own weaknesses and strength. But, what matters the most is giving your heart and soul to the Almighty Creator. Anyway, back to the story, what I wanted to write in this post is actually regarding nikmat dan ujian.

           Ingt tak entry aku yang dulu-dulu tuh ? Regarding placement, IUMC and stuff. Kalau tak ingt, scroll la di bawah ye untuk mencarinya atau click di sini. Anyway, this week has been such a blissful week for me. Well, a lot of things had happen actually. Be it bad or good, life will continue to go on. But again, I’m feeling grateful for everything. It all started on Monday, 9 April 2012. During that time, most of the students were quite busy memorizing the gaya bahasa needed to answer Malay Paper 1 for the mock exam. At the same time, I was busy gossiping with my buddies till someone shouted that the interview results for RCSI dah kluar and boleh tengok kat yahoo group. lub dub lub dub lub dub. Cepat-cepat jantung ni berdegup kencang (macam caller ringtone Fasu) and darah pun dah menyirap satu badan. Ye la kan, baru seminggu lebih attend interview and result pun dah kuar. At first macam cuak but then I’ve decided to go to the toilet first nak menenangkan hati. Mana tahu bila tgk result nanti terkencing @ terkincit ke kan. So better sediakan payung sebelum hujan. Anyway, after that, I quickly came out of the toilet and nampak Zaki dah terloncat-loncat kegembiraan. By that time I knew he got the offer and aku pun tumpang gembira. Lagi la bertambah kerunsingan di jiwa ni. At the same time, certain people were checking the results at one of the student punya Blackberry phone. So dengan jiwa yang tabah, aku pun melangkah ke tempat tu and check my name. Scroll and scroll and keep scrolling until tetiba ternampak nama aku. Fuh. Punya la terkejut and rasa macam nak pengsan but again still mampu mengawal perasaan. So at the end of the day,Alhamdulillah syukur kepada Allah kerana akhirnya dapat juga placement offer after several fail attempts. I got the offer to RCSI Dublin for 5 year course.

         Anyway,thats not the main thing that I want to talk about. The main thing is the value that I learnt throughout the journey of getting a placement. As I said before,life is not easy and we cant always be on the top or bottom everytime. There are times when you feel down and there are times when you feel happy. But in the end, you’ll get through it. Again, I would like to highlight these points :

           Tak semua benda yang kita rasa bagus untuk kita adalah baik dan tak semua benda yang kita rasa tak bagus adalah buruk untuk kita. This is based on one of the surah in the Holy Al-Quran : 
“... tetapi boleh jadi kamu tidak menyenangi sesuatu, padahal itu baik bagimu, dan boleh jadi kamu menyukai sesuatu, padahal ia tidak baik bagimu. Allah mengetahui, sedang kamu tidak mengetahui. “ [2:216]. 
So get the point ? Ingtlah, tak semua benda yang kita ingt bagus untuk kita adalah yang terbaik untuk kita. Sesungguhnya Allah itu Maha Mengetahui jadi janganlah putus harapan dengan-Nya. Contoh ? Okay, aku ambil contoh perihal IUMC. At first, masa x dapat IUMC tu memang la frust menonggeng sebab at that time, IUMC je peluang yang ada coz aku x dpt PMC and AUCMS punya interview. So bila x dapat tuh, mula la risau sepanjang masa sebab xde placement offer. But, I got friends. Supportive friends. And most of them bagi nasihat. And the most touching punya nasihat is when a friend of mine said “percayalah pada takdir Allah. Insyaallah ada hikmah di sebalik semua ni. Jangan  risau and teruskanlah berdoa kepada Allah. JANGAN PUTUS ASA”. Wow. Memang mesej ni sampai habis la. Then starting from that moment, I began to forget about IUMC. Tapi luka tuh masih ada. Then diberi peluang pula untuk interview RCSI and alhamdulillah dapat offer. See ? thats where the “ada hikmah di sebalik semua ini” comes in. So,ingtlah, kita usaha sebaik mungkin and jangan berhenti berdoa kepada Tuhan kerana Tuhan itu Maha Mengetahui yang terbaik untuk kita. Again, I’m grateful to Allah kerana diberi peluang untuk melalui ujian ini. Besides, going to RCSI has been one of my childhood dreams. Insyaallah.

           Nikmat itu sebenarnya satu ujian. Dan janganlah leka dengan nikmat yang diberi. This is also based on of the surah in one of theQuran which is 
“...Sesungguhnya aku diberi nikmat ini hanyalah kerana kepintaranku. Sebenarnya, itu adalah ujian, tetapi kebanyakan mereka tidak mengetahui” [39:49].
So what does this ayat is trying to explain ? Well, to quote from a friend of mine, he said that what the ayat is trying to explain is that  certain people in this world menganggap kejayaan yang dicapai itu adalah berdasarkan usaha yang dilakukan oleh seseorang itu SAHAJA. Actually, kita semua kene ingt yang kita ni hamba Allah, jadi semua perkara yang terjadi kpd kita datangnya dari Allah. Jadi janganlah bangga atau bongkak dengan mengatakan kejayaan atau nikmat yang kita dapat tuh datang daripada kita.Memang betul yang kita usaha, tapi kene ingt, Tuhan yang tentukan segala-galanya. Jadi, anggaplah nikmat itu sebagai satu ujian untuk menguji keimanan dan ketaatan kita kepada Allah. Jadi, I just hope with the good news that I’ve just received, I wont be lalai and leka and anggap ia sebagai satu cabaran dan ujian dari Allah.

          Okay,done with the reflection part. I would also like to acknowledge all of myfriends who had been very supportive through thick and thin. I admit, KMB really produces intelligent and caring people. and for that, I am grateful for being given a chance to study here at KMB and meet these awesome people. I now have the spirit to carry on again and Alhamdullilah, I feel more motivated. No more stress2 pasal placement or anything. Now I can fully focus and concentrate on the upcoming IB exam which is less than a month away. Hopefully everything goes well and all of the year 2 KMBians dapat fly. I guess that is all for this entry. With that, maka berakhirlah sebuah epilog yang duka dan lara yang digantikan dengan semangat yang baru. Assalamualaikum. Here are some pictures that I put to keep me motivated. Enjoy. Hopefully this will be my future university. Doa-doakanlah kami ye :) And a friendly reminder to everyone including me, 'anything is possible when you believe'. Sekian.

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Dublin City at night
RCSI building