Thursday, November 17, 2011

Exam exam exam

Today is the last day before the semester exam yg akan stat esok.
At the same time, waktu exam ni la dpt tahu prangai2 budak2 kt sekeliling. Ade yg pentingkan diri sendiri, ade yg dpt notes extra tp xnk share, ade yg suke study sorang, ade yg study grup cmpur gossip, ade yg study kt library tp xtahu la masuk ke x ape yg dibelajarnya. Ade yg suke tolong ajar kawan (ni mmg bgos and baik)

Anyway, best of luck to all KMB student yg bakal menempuh exam sem starting esok. Smoga semua dpt points above 35 :) gdluck


Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum.. may i ask a de life in tking ib? I m wndering to tke that,but i dont know wetjer i can or cant..please help me.. im clueless

Afar said...

Hey there 'anonymous' ! Life doing IB is quite hectic. Yes it may be a bit stressful at some time but the reward in the future is priceless. Compared to other preparation programme, i would say that the IB programme focuses on human as a whole. We dont just study. We had to do extracurricular activties/charity work as well in order to get the IB certificate. and the plus side, if ur doing IB in KMB, u'll get to meet amazing teachers and make new friends. haha. hope this answer your question. Cheers ! So brace yourself, IB is definitely an amazing foundation programme to pursue.