Thursday, January 31, 2008

A sad story dedicated to all my friends !

I noe that I'm going to SASER this February and I'm grateful for it. Eventhough I didn't manage to get what I want. And most of all, I feel like crying when writing this blog. I dun noe why but it's a feeling which I cant hardly control. Its kinda a nightmare for me. I cant sleep although I'd try to force myself to shut my eyes. My friend mostly got the SBP's offer and their SBP kinda rocks. MCKK,STAR,SAMURA, SBPiG etc. And I noe that no one had ever heard of my skool before. However, I'm grateful and thankful to god.

Ok, back to the main thing, I really cant decide to go or not, If I go, I'll have a better chance of getting 10A1 in SPM, but, sadly, I will lose many of my friends. Those who had been with me since 2005, 2006, and 2007. But, if I stayed here, I believe I wont be able to focus on studies since the skool had been with me since I was form 1 and I was kinda bored with that. But if I stayed here, I will not lose my friend which had been my oxygen and drugs.

I really want to go to this skool. My parents encouraged me to go to this skool. Even my friends encouraged me. But, I'm not the type of person who makes friend really quick. I'm kinda shy. Soo, I have a decision to make. And that decision must be made within a week. Arghhhhh, soooooo tensiooonn, xleyh ke suma laki and pompuan masuk asrama same ? huhu.

And, if I go, I will lose BILLIONS of friends at skool. Huhu. I will surely greatly miss those precious moments between me and liyana husain, aishah, aimi h, shahir, yus, sakinah and many more. I really do love them in terms of friendship. Life without them is meaningless. Especially without the existence of you lee, ur my BFF 4ever. I could only pray and doa for you to masuk TKC, soo that bleh jumpa kalu outing bcoz SASER is near to TKC. Huhu. U'r a special BFF lee, I never had a BFF which is sooo caring like you, same goes to you sha, shahir, yus, aimi h, sakinah. U guys made me alive since I started skooling at SMKP1. Its just I'm really sad to leave u guys and start a new chapter of my life at SASER. Huhu. Eventhough its 2 years only, It kinda felt as if it was ages. Huhu.

Life without friends do SUCK. But as life goes on. I'll have to accept the fact that I'll have to leave them for 2 years. Huhu. But I really hope our friendship still remain and that nothing can get through it.

I noe I noe I'm kinda emo rite now but who cares ? its my life and I have the right to be emo at this moment. And I'm definitely really FRUST coz I didn't get the skool dat I've been dreaming of. Huhu. Lastly, I juz like to say. I'M GONNA MISS U GUYS ! lee,sha,aimi h, shahir, yus, sakinah and all of my friends that have been with me. U guys really made my life much much better. May our friendship last forever ! Thank you.


-Nurliyana Husain

-Aishah Sofia

-Shahir Hadzir

-Azim Ahmad


-Aimi Hasnah


-Yusizwan Maslin


-Sara Lisa

-1B2 2005

-2S2 2006

-3P1 2007

-4S1 2008

-Ridhwan Haji Ahmad

Yours Truly,


liyana husain said...

wut does kiwidopila stands for?anyway welcome to blogspot aite! i'm gonna miss u damn a lot too afar! take good care of urself there. and be a goooood boy. ahah ;p

Shaa H said...

welcome welcome welcome to blogspot! *dancing the welcome dance LOL*
hey dude, jgn la sedih2 dh.
saser is not that bad
well at least u'll hv ridwan there
ur new friend
remember ? hahha
i'm gonna miss u like hell do!
nnt xdpt dgr dh pedon2 kau smue tu.
rindu rindu rindu!
xsuke xsuke xsuke smue kne berpisah. haiyoo.
nnt time cuti kte bwt reunion 3p1 ok?
hidup saser! hidup afar! :)

hasnah! said...

i'm gonna miss u too azfa..=)

Avenged said...

i cant see my name here,did u put it?or isit my internet connection?or u never did put it?well,u better edit,or else,muahahahah!u'll suffer dude!