Friday, February 1, 2008

The Dinding Guy

Aite, here I am today writing my 3rd blog.haha. The reason I write this blog was to give u guys a lesson and also a story of a shameless man who Hafiz and I called 'dinding guy'.
As for me and hafiz, we decided to call dis guy as 'dinding guy' because of his foolish act on the day we received our sijil and money from the Tengku. I'll start the story here aite. Once a pon a time in Putrajaya where everybody live harmonically(harmony la sgt), there was an event to celebrate the people who have passed their examination with flying colours. It was on the 1st of January 2008. As the ceremony ended, we were delighted with some foods which were delicately delicious.haha. there were no place for me and hafiz to sit, soo, we decided to eat in the hall. Haha. When we finished eating, we decided to go to the washroom to wash our hands since we ate using our hand. In our journey towards the washroom, I realize that there was a guy which (not to be rude) seems tergesa2 going to the toilet and keep touching his c**k. Me and hafiz were like weird. Then he run and passed us and quickly pushed the toilet's door. Me and hafiz went after him. In the toilet, all the doors were closed and the guy had no chanced in going in. Meanwhile, we were washing our hands. Haha. Then suddenly, THE GUY, opens up his zip and started to pee at the dinding next to the sink. The urine was fast and many. Its like a water jet coming out from a human body. It was 4 mins until he finish peeing at the wall. Me and hafiz quickly rush outside coz we didn't stand the smell and the guys face. It was really JIJIK. We waited outside to see him, however, he passed us with a BABI type of face. Bengang aku. Hahaha. I think he didn't wash his hands kowt coz it seems basah sket with kuning2nye air. Eeeeeeeeeeee. Then he went into the hall and marah2 his kids. Inside my head, I referred this guy as a mental problem guy.hahaha. END~
ps-the guy is a DEWASA. not a kid. age 30-40 sumthing.
Sooo, for you guys outhere, kalu rasa nk kencing sgt, tahan je la aite, jgn kencing dkat dinding tepi sink dpan org ramai mcm laki tuh, memalukan bangsa sahaja.

TQ !

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