Friday, February 1, 2008

3 Putra 1 2007 !

Hi again,
Firstly i would like to say that this blog ss going to be about my class
Soooo, anyone outhere who doesn't want to read dis just click back aite, coz its all going to be about US.
Aite, got that clear, now, the story is about the memories of me missing somewhat memory in this class which is :-

The Things That I Will Miss About This Class !
1. I miss the tame face that Firyal always made
2. I miss the way Aimi Fatanah laugh when i say "mi,ko saket perot lg ke ?"
3. I miss the way when Natasa said " Far, jom gi fotostat"
4. I miss the way Amir hits his other members butt
5. I miss the way when Hazim ask me question during the first exam
6. I miss the way Yus and I argued about Math questions
7. I miss the time when Ali asked me about computer games
8. I miss the way Aimi Hanisah smile when i called her "HASNAH"
9. I miss the way Raja taught us about digestion
10. I miss the time when Azim Ahmad made his face
11. I miss the time when Hafiz was snuggling under Zul's armpit
12. I miss the time seeing Zul every morning at class with his big gloomy eyes
13. I miss the time when i called Shaznie "Jerry". She was very pissed off though
14. I miss the time when Athirah bring some sandwich for me and Shahir
15. I miss the way Shahir bege me when i said sumthing that wasnt meant to be said
16. I miss Khaleda powerful knowledge towards the Sejarah subject
17. I miss Hannah's word when she said "Azfar. tolonglah,pleaseeee !"
18. I miss Liyana Husain smile and laughter when i talk sumthing funny with her
19. I miss the way Aisha punch me at my 'bahu'. hehehe
20. I miss Farah's face when she merajuk
21. I miss the way Sakinah try to 'pujuk' Farah
22. I miss the way when Hana scold Zarul when he ask for answers
23. I miss the way Diyana laugh. (the gelak kuda thing)
24. I miss the way Amal said 'BOB' towards Hazim
25. I miss the time when i notice that Azril's bag was as same as me and so was his handphone. hehehe
26. I miss the time when me and Zahrul always argued.
27. I miss the way Liyana Zainudin talked about "Hamid"
28. I miss the time when Aimi Aqilah smiled at me during the last day of PMR. (she was sitting next to me)
29. I miss Piah. She's my everything. LOL.
30. I miss Liyana K words when she said 'weyh, jgn tiru ah, pekse la'
31. I miss the time when Shaf goes mad when sumone hurts her feelings
32. I miss Hushan's clumsiness and how she managed to make friends with the class and only when PMR is just around the corner and the way she said 'B@B! ah". hahahaha
welll, now u noe. hahahaha. thats all . bye ! hahahaha


Shaa H said...

seriously doh, aku bce ni en. trigt time2 kte dlm 3p1 dlu. haihhh rindu. i miss d old times. hmm =/ oh and, sorry for the punching bahu thingy. kau tau aku suke pukul org en. haha. the poah part, sumpah xleh blaaa. haha ohh ohh and! remember the time kte smbut merdeka! and jln smpi ke flora pnye bnde tu. oh i miss that moment! hmphh :|

Shaa H said...