Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanks for da Hols :-)

Hey guys. It's me again. hahaha. back posting some blogs. Well, firstly, it's still not too late for me to say Happy Hols since it has only been a week or two. haha. Thank you god for givin us such a great time to 'RELAX'. Relax ? Do we relax during the hols ? well, hopefully yes, but, as we all know, there's like a million homework waiting to completed during the skool hols. So ? What is the main reason holidays are held ? hahaha. in my opinion, i think the government should banned skools from giving homework during the end-year hols. agree ? hahaha. well, actually, i really had a fun time for the past two weeks of holiday. i can sleep whenever i want. i can surf the net anytime. i can eat anything that i desire. haha. and most of all, i get to see my old friends especially those who I really miss when i was at 'hell'. hahahaha. nice seeing you again lee,sha,mi,hana, and others(too many to list)

criusly, i've no idea what to write. hahaha. dats all i guess

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