Sunday, December 18, 2011

Of Joy and Happiness


Yus, Me, Khairul and Hafiz

I cant imagine how Khairul manage to survive his head

See those pictures up there ? well, thats how i describe human being specifically boys being in the state of joy and happiness. haha. well, it does feels great when its your first time being in an suite in a hotel at Acheh.

Actually, the purpose of me writing this is to say that I had a splendid time with my peers in Fish 4 Life 5.0 . Never had thought that u guys were superly duperly amazing and fun to hang out with. haha. neverthelss, I had the best roommates in Acheh. They're fun and goofy i would say. so hey, thanks alif, khairul sabrin, hafiz and yus for being my roommates. hahaha. thats all for now :)and all the other Fish 4 Life members which made my week in Acheh a truly spectacular experience : Farzana, Hannis, Hanis Faiqah, Khairun,Syafimas, Muna, Niki, Helen, Aliah, Emilia, Lele, Ammar, Ashman, Jet and also the advisor, Ms Fadzlinda, Sir Fadzlanor and Ms Raeida.

Some of the members

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