Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Patriotic much

For the past few weeks I've rarely update my blog due to a busy schedule ahead and also lots of stuff to be done. well, its called the semester holidays but its actually not. especially when your doing IB and in the mid between the 3rd sem and the 4th sem of course. there's tonnes of assignments. EE,IA, TOK, world lit bla3 and all that stuff. I'm just hoping that i could finish all of that in one week and enjoy another 2 weeks for me to indulge the 'pleasure' of a so-called holiday. I've spent a week doing BTN and another week doing a humanitarian project in Acheh in which I enjoyed it pretty much and would consider it as one of my holidays activities.

okay, back to the main story. BTN. what does BTN stands for ? Well, its Biro Tata Negara (btol kan ?). anyway, I've went to BTN before when i was in form 5 and again, I had to attend this course again this year. although the name is still the same but the program was a lil bit different. maybe its based on our education status and also age I guess. the one that i attended from 28 Nov to 2 Dec was held at Bukit Sagu somewhere in Kuantan. the place is quite condusive i would say. each room can only be occupy by 3 people and the toilets were pure awesomeness. clean and the water supply were super fast. i mean, SUPER fast. laju gila. the foods were scrumptious and delicious especially when they served the renown ikan patin masak lemak cili api with budu and ulam. supper yummy :0)

at first i thought that this program was about the government trying to 'basuh' our minds to vote and support the government. but my guess was wrong. the course's theme way kenegaraan and I had to admit, they really hold on to the theme. I would say that this course was kinda a fun experience for me since I gain new knowledge especially when it comes to politics. seriusly, before this, I had zero knowledge on what dewan besar, dewan rakyat, KERUSI and all those stuff was about. and apart from that too, I've gain new friends. friends which i have never spoken to in KMB finally became the one who i talked the most. hahaha.

so, I would like to say, never judge a book by its cover. seriusly. NEVER. coz u never know what lies ahead. hehe. here are some pics which i managed to snap around the campsite and yea, we went mount climbing and my god, the view were spectacular. praise to God for the beautiful and marvellous creation

*please note that i'm in the process of learning, so please abaikan my grammatical mistakes

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