Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Betul ke ?

Sometimes, in life, you can act as if nothing had happen. Or maybe just pura-pura buat tak tahu. But does anyone even cares what you're feeling ? Do the feeling of sympathy and empathy really do exist ? Or is it just a matter of words that people use just to 'show' that they 'truly' feel what others are feeling ? Well, nevermind la bout this. I'm just talking crap because I'm not in the mood to do any work. Anyway, what I really like to share here is my opinion on things that are related to Truth and Emotion ? hah ? tetibe plak ToK ni kenape ?

What triggers me to write this post was actually because of a statement given by a friend of mine. Truthfully, I was really shock when I heard the statement. He said : 'Ala, ko ok la. Nampak happy je sepanjang kt sini. X pernah stress pun aku tengok. Keje pun semua siap je on time walaupun buat last minute. Ko ok je kan kat sini. Selalu gembira je. Gelak sana-sini. Aku rasa ko mesti ok je kan dengan IB ni '. Ok. So thats the statement.  So what it has to do with this post ? Well, I once read in facebook timeline which another friend of mine post. it says "sebenarnya, orang yang selalu gembira and gelak banyak2 is actually the person yang paling banyak masalah and cuba untuk menyembunyikan the stress and problem'. So, see any relations here ?

Actually, this what I wanted to say to my friend, but I couldnt say it cause I dont know how to put it in words at that time. My feeling ? Sad, anger, frustrated, 'koya', and many more which are undescribeable (betul ke eja ni ?). To all who read this post, I just wanna say that I'm not that happy as what people might think and perceive. Yes, maybe di luar nmpk mcm happy-go-lucky, gembira, buat lawak sana sini, gelak x tentu pasal but again, I'm still stressed out with loads of assignments and works needed to be done. So, eventhough I may look that 'happy' , my feelings are still unstable. I guess its normal to have this feeling when ur a living organism called Homosapien. Again, life is like a wheel. Sometimes ur at the top and sometimes ur at the bottom. So please friends or even anyone, dont simply judge a person feeling or emotion just by looking at the outside, but instead, try to ask that person, are u OK ? do you need someone to talk to ?

Again, I would to say that this is just my opinion. So, u judge :)  Thats all for now. tq for reading this crap-emo-type of post. Salam ~

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