Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's Never Too Late

      I guess the title speaks it all. Its never to late to finally say that I'M FINISHED WITH INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE !!!!! yes. done with the most torturing preparatory program ever. 2 years filled with bittersweet memory. and finally, on the 23rd May 2012, its time to say goodbye to KMB. Nevertheless, being an IB student had taught me a lot. Not just in terms of academic but also in terms of social responsibility and what it means to be a soon-to-be adult. Haha. Anyway, I'll talk about all these stuff later in the next post. I'm sure I have plenty of time to start blogging again since its a 4 month holiday without any homeworks nor assignments. But the most important thing that I'm gonna miss about KMB is the people there. My friends, my colleagues, my classmates, my teachers, my blockmates and everyone la including akak fotostat and makcik koop pagi2. So, below are some of the pics that I managed to snap before leaving KMB. It sure does bring back memories to me. Enjoy !

The room just before clearance
Captured right after the last paper
Dah clearance. Sedih pulak tgk gambar ni
Blok A
Xde bende dah nak letak. This was taken on the last day (23/5/2012)

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