Monday, April 14, 2014


     Salam. I guess its been a while since I wrote my last post. Been busy lately with lots of stuff. And lots of academic things to catch up with. Anyway, tup tap tup tap, I'm almost at the end of my 2nd year of being a medical student. How time flies. Like seriously, i feel as if it was yesterday was the day I took my SPM result.

    While the final exams are just around the corner, I feel that blogging is one way I can de-stress myself. Its true what people say. That medic is a tough course. It really is. Too many things to digest, memorise and at the same time, applying all those concept and fit it into a clinical scenario/case. I guess this is what doctors do. Trying to solve a puzzle. A very hard puzzle. But hey, 2 years of studying medicine, I find it to be a challenging yet rewarding course. Studying pathology, microbiology (the hardest so far), physiology and anatomy kinda makes me appreciate the existence of human. I get to understand myself better and maybe, just maybe, diagnose myself. Haha. Anyway, I have no guilt in choosing medicine as my future career. I really do like the science behind each and everything that happen in our complex body.

     Since life has its ups and downs, I have to admit, there are certain times when i feel that medicine is just too much. eg: studying ECG for hours and still cant get the concept behind it. haha. but nvm, i have friends that can help me. insyaallah. a word of advice from the people i love, 'never give up and keep moving forward'. i guess this is what keeps me strong.

     Ow yeah, and studying abroad. Most people think that studying abroad is the best thing that could happen in their life. I said it again, everything has it pros and cons. I find studying abroad as a mixture of fun and depressing. Its fun because you get to know people from different culture and background, and travel to other countries during semester break but its depressing when you start to think of home. And in this case, i'm referring to homesick. Homesick is a major chronic disease. You'll start to imagine foods back home, the wamrth of Malaysia's temperature, the balanced time between day and night and most importantly, the presence of your family especially your parents. But nevertherless, you'll pretty much enjoy staying abroad if you know how to manage yourself. Hahaha.

     Okay, I guess thats all I wanna say in this post given that its been almost 2 years since I've been in deep silence. Cant wait for summer. Going back to home sweet home, Malaysia. 

ps. Goodluck everyone who's going to have their exams this month and in the coming month. May Allah grant us ease in answering the questions. Insyallah. 

- Afar

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Anonymous said...

Sorry nak tanya , belajar di ireland ni twiniing programme or sampai habis degree?

Afar said...

Salam, belajar kt Ireland ni specifically utk RCSI ade dua programme. Ade full course and twinning.
Kalau full course, belajar sampai habis degree kt Dublin. Kalau twinning, buat 2.5 years pre-clinical in Dublin, then another 2.5 years clinical in Penang. Twinning programme is under Penang Medical College in collaboration with RCSI and UCD.