Sunday, February 11, 2018

Results Day


Today is finally the day (18th May 2017). For 5 years I've been waiting for this so called "umum-depan-tangga results day". The answer to all the sleepless nights I've been having since long case (since I dont think I did very well in that). And again, for 5 years I've seen countless seniors celebrating their joy after passing the Final Med exam and have their results announced in front of everyone at the 'majestic' stairs in RCSI building.

As always, RCSI will email/call you in the morning if you did not pass. They usually gave out the bad news from 8 a.m - 10 a.m. . Its a stressful morning I'd tell ya. Staring at the phone screen hoping that you wouldn't get any calls or email saying that you did not make it. But then, at approx 10.30 am, I got an email. Was too scared to open it so I asked Malik (housemate) to open it and read it up for me. As soon as he was done with it, I became speechless. Small drops of tears seems to made its way.

Alhamdulillah. I made it through med school. Now, its time to make way to the RCSI building where they will tell us our results and grade. Together with Zaki and Acap, we took the bus and was anxiously discussing on how our results would be. 

Upon reaching the RCSI building, it was swarming with fellow final med students and their family. The lecturers and tutors were there as well. And then it started, the exam coordinator started calling our student numbers according to the class/grade that we got. Again, Alhamdulillah for the grade that I've earned. I've always wanted to get an honours for my medical degree and Alhamdulillah Allah has granted my du'a. After all of it was over, its time for celebration. 

Here are a few pictures that I managed to capture on the day. 

With fellow batchmates
Our beloved tutor, Sue Faye
Head of Surgery, Prof Hill
Albasiri, Acap, Me, Tim kt blkg, Adilah & Zaki

Next post -> Graduation. Looking forward to it.

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