Thursday, March 13, 2008

Last Post for March !

Hey there ! Well, i'm sure some of you might be thinking where i've gone to since my blog was not updated. FYI, i went to boarding skool which is SASER also known as Sekolah Menengah Sains Seremban. Haha. Enough of that. Well, main reason i write this post was to say GOOD LUCK to my most bestest friend ever , Liyana Husain.

Well, she was offered to a boarding skool located at Muar, Johor. Its SAMURA or better known as Sekolah Menengah Sains Muar. Rivalry of SASER (according to Skin). haha.

She had be wanting to go to SBP since a long tyme ago and i'm happy for her bcoz she go what she wanted. hehe. eventhough x dpt tkc tp dpt SAMURA pown kire ok la an lee. haha

Just nk ckp, best of luck la wey kt sane. Tabahkan hati. Jgn homesick atau rindu2 umah. Blaja bgn pagi2 and tido lmbt. mandi air sejuk glew cam ais pagi2 and yg pasti, u'll sleep in class. haha. dun worry. tuh pkara biase. MAsuk hoki au, nnt leyh lawan SASER bulan 4 nnt. haha. leyh ko dtg SASER and aku bawak ko jalan2 tour kt SASER. haha. and most of all, ko akn alami CULTURE SHOCK. mesti ko akan biasenyer la. i believe in you. haha. BEST OF LUCK LEE. Insyallah me and you and all the other 3P1 2007 akn dpt 9A1 or 10A1 (with EST)utk SPM. AMin~~~~\



liyana husain said...

haha ok2
btw i'm touched
for posting an entry abt this one
and sumpah ckp aku akn igt advices ko ;]
thought we're in different schl now, we still aim for the same score which is straight a1 for spm! and i bet ko boleh
nnt cuti pnjg akhir tahun f4 kita study sesame jom
nk gak tau addmaths skills yg ckgu saser ko ajar tu
ok stay strong afar!

Raudha Husain said...

See Na, ur friend is sweet too!
n owh, hi afar!

nanaaa said...

miss liyana, samura is a fab school! u'll never forget once u r out of it. insyallah good results will be urs! samura rox!

m an ex there anyway, passed by this blog. hoho. and saser is FAB as well! no 1 school in sbp. woohooo~