Sunday, August 31, 2008

I need them !!!!!

I admit it
I do miss u guys
Liyana Husain, Sha, Shahir, Azim, Yus, Aimi H, Hana, Skin and others
Its hard to find the clone of u guys there !
Life is harsh there
I hate it
Its hard to fine a TRUE friend like u guys
I do wish u guys would be with me every second
I hate living in boarding school
But still, for academics reason, I have to survive

1 comment:

hanaa said...

yea tht is soo true. its hard to find clones of them out there. they are one of a kind. but yea for the sake of our future, we need to sacrifice our time together. nnt afta da habes sume2 ni, we will always be together kn. we are friends forever! keep tht in mind ;)
love you, azfa!